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New Maremmano -Abruzzese Sheepdogs!

Welcome new little girls!

We are so excited to welcome our second litter of Maremma sheepdogs! Our first litter found such wonderful working homes and we understand the need for need for these adaptive and intelligent working dogs on small farmsteads with a predator load. We have 8 females and 1 male! The pups are growing quick and are very mobile at only one week and eyes just opening. I can't wait to see them start following their mom to start their first training with our sheep, goats, and chickens!

Maremma Puppies

These girls are being raised outside with their mom. They of course are socialized with our girls and friends that visit!

Full time job

Ours pup are ready to re-home where they will have a job and room to run! We have a small bustling homestead of 5 acres with plenty to charge! We have 9 sheep, Goats, Chickens, Rabbits, and of course our 3 daughters. We love the fact that our Maremma's keep predators away and are versatile enough to be with our family and guests!

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