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Two Week Puppy Update

Today the girls and I received our Safety Pet ID collars for the puppies in the mail. These collars have snap releases to ensure the puppies will not get caught up. We immediately identified the sexes of the all the puppies and the each had a special chosen color. With nine creamy white puppies, it is impossible right now to tell the difference between them. I am really looking forward to being able to monitor more closely their weight/weight gain and temperaments. We have been single digits around the farm. As the pups start to get a little bigger they can go out to the barn and start to be exposed to our livestock.


We have FIVE girls and FOUR boys! Girls have always outnumbered the boys around here, so it is no surprise we have one more girl ;)

Also, I must really recognize Roxy for being such an amazing mom! She has recovered quickly and is back to many of her duties on the farm, while still being very attentive to the puppies We had snow about a week ago and the dogs' paths are very much worn into the snow. It is cool to visually see their patrol paths. I must also add that Roxy is 100% okay with each of my girls checking on the puppies and is always close by to monitor. She was not a fan of my neighbor's son wanting to come into the area and visit and made that very clear. Also, Merlin isn't welcome either. Other than that, I have not observed any other behavior changes other than her being more demanding more breakfast and the extra treats we have been giving her. We raise rabbits and have recently started exploring a raw diet with the dogs.

During chores, I am in and out of the whelping area and they are always asleep, or she is with them and feeding them. The term "dogpile!" is understood at a much deeper level, as they are always in one big dog pile. They are starting to move around more and explore their whelping box. They have "sea legs" and are still pretty wobbly. I do love their eyes being open as they look more like baby seals than possums now! Puppy fever is an understatement!



Ladies First

Pink Puppy

Purple Puppy

Yellow Puppy

Light Blue Puppy

Orange Puppy


And the Boys

Green Puppy

Lime Green Puppy

Blue Puppy

Black Puppy

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