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Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs

We spent hours researching if Livestock Guardian Dogs would be a good fir to our 5 acre homestead/farm.

f you are new to homesteading and have thoughts about adding LGD to protect your livestock, we have found several resources of significant value. 


Article from Texas A & M 

Livestock Guardian Facebook Group

Maremma Livestock Facebook Group


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Some of the reasons why we chose Maremma over other breeds and what we have found to be true of the breed.

Our Working Pair

First thing first. If you start looking into LGD, it is required to have a working pair. More about this here. 

We decided to get both of our dogs from a reputiable breeder who is registered with the Maremma Sheepdog Club

Our pair currently works on our 5 acre homestead of sheep, goats, chickens and rabbits. 


We traveled over 18 hours to the Washington/Canada border to bring Roxy to our farm. She came from a working goat/sheep hobby homestead. She was our first LGD. 

Roxy is loyal, serious, and often tells her partner what NOT to be doing. 

She is very playful with her working partner, often engaging in sneak and attack. She is a great companion. 


We traveled about 8 hours to pick Merlin up from a very reputable breeder in Northern California. Merlin comes from a working Mohair Goat farm and his direct lineage is from Italy.

Merlin is brave and loves to be up close with all the animals on the farm; goats, rabbits, sheep, and chickens. 

Merlin is very playful and a bit of a troublemaker in his teens. He thinks all the mail packages are for him - which is a bit of a nuisance having 3 young children and lost of packages during the holiday season. 

With that said. Merlin is very patient and plays with the our kids while on duty. Merlin does all chores alongside of use and always greets us with an excited and loving energy. He will guard the property waiting for us to return from our walks by the gate. 

ROXY 111.jpeg

Our first litter was born! They will be ready for their new homes and jobs soon! 

Please contact us directly if you are interested in putting your name on the list and to inquire if we have any puppies still available. 

If you are interested in a bit of an older puppy, we are also open to keeping him or her longer and starting the training process. Please contact us directly. 

We understand our rural location and some limits that may provide. If travel is an issue, please contact us directly as we often travel to Ely, Reno, Salt Lake, Twin Falls, and Las Vegas 

We will be updating more pictures as the grow


Our Second Litter

On August 26th we welcomed our second litter of Maremma's!  Eight females and one male! Well, that's the way things seem to be around here-- so only fitting! It is a bit hot out here in Spring Creek, so Roxy has been diligent in finding the coolest spot for her pups. They are enjoying our one of our garden beds and the front lawn! or titles, paragraphs & more.

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